100 Days VI. Mixed media on panel, 30" x 30", 2018
100 Days V. Mixed media on panel, 30" x 30", 2017
100 Days IV. Mixed media on panel, 30" x 30", 2017
100 Days III. Mixed media on panel, 12" x 36", 2016 | SOLD
100 Days Project. Mixed media on panel, 20" x 20", 2014 | SOLD
100 Days II. Mixed media on panel, 20" x 20", 2015 | SOLD

100 Days Projects

Learning to let go and not worry about the end result

Edge Show 2014

Early in 2014, I was invited to submit a piece for a group show called “Edge” at the Keep Calm & Carry On Gallery on Gabriola Island, B.C. Participating artists were called upon to challenge themselves by finding a new way of working, to try a subject or media they’d never explored before. Delving into the unfamiliar was a little scary at first, but ultimately it felt very liberating to embrace the exercise and not worry about the end result. Devising a new process for myself was a huge part of the fun.

The Way I Usually Work

My work is based on photographs I take of scenes that captivate me. Often it’s a fleeting glimpse from a moving vehicle. The photos are elaborately collaged to serve as both a memory trigger and to aid in composition. The work develops through a desire to see through and past what the camera saw to what is remembered. The ultimate goal is to share a story with the viewer.

Finding a new edge

I set out to produce a completely abstract piece, working with no preconceived idea of how it would look when finished. There would be no narrative theme to guide it, nor any photo collages for reference. The composition would be impossible to plan because I would work blind – I would figure out a way to prevent myself from seeing more than a tiny bit of the piece at any given time. Once complete, the piece would be past the point of alteration.
The results are nothing like my usual work and they would never have come into being if I’d stayed in my familiar groove.

How it's done in 6 easy steps